Xing Long (Bristol BS7 8NY) 2016

Xing Long (Bristol BS7 8NY) 20162

Xing Long Chinese restaurant


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New Pictures Added

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Review and Comments board

We are always improving our customer service and the food, this is where you can come in and suggest something different to us! Have your say about this restaurant here, whether its about the food, environment or service. We will do our best to provide the best customer service and cuisine possibly 🙂

Welcome to Xing Long Restaurant & Take Away

Front of restaurant

Hello and welcome to our restaurant site!

Enjoy over a hundred of unique oriental dishes, from a wide variety of Chinese appetisers and soups , to a selection of different meat, poultry , seafood and vegetarian dishes. And also many different deserts to choose for your sweet sensation.

Interior of restaurant

Our small restaurant provides you with a cosy and friendly atmosphere for couples and families alike, tuck in a street around Gloucester Road, its also a perfect hosting for dinner parties, and a great location to start your party after your meal, where the bars are nearby, and Stokes Croft is just a short distance away!